Great evening with your love

You have your girlfriend few years and you feel that now is the right time for change? You only want to show her that you love her so much and you would like to have her like your wife? But how to tell her, where and which program you should choose? We can help you with everything and then you will have the best program ever. Propose in Prague  is for everyone, who wants only the best organization of evening or espousal day. What can we offer? There are three basic packages that you can choose. First is about great dinner in gardens under the Prague Castle, second is staying in modern president apartment and third possibility is quite wider, because you can choose your own place or situation, and we will prepare it.

The right time

We would like to catch your moments of love, so there will be professional photographer for you, who will take photos of your evening or day, so you will never forget. Don´t be afraid that he will poison your atmosphere, because he will be hidden and you can communicate with him before all action and give him instructions.

Great evening with your love
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